I spent the greater portion of last year on a ranch.  I was volunteering, and therefore broke most of the time, but it was one of the happiest periods of my life.  I think there’s something to being outside for the day.  Even when I came home drenched in sweat, I was content.  Seriously, unless you’ve worked in Arkansas during a record-breaking heat wave (which has since been broken, probably due to climate change), you can not imagine what a body goes through.  But I would give up my salaried, indoor position in a hot minute for a long-term position like that one.  I’m learning a lot in my new, real job.  You know, the one I went to college to obtain.  But it’s not fulfilling.  I don’t know what it is.  But still, more than six months after I left, I can’t get used to being indoors.  I’m happiest sitting on the front porch of the little house I can now afford to rent, but it’s not the same at all.  I feel so out of touch with everything, despite being more on top of national and world events than I’ve been in years.  I think I have a fundamental need to be a part of nature.  I suspect more people do than realize it.  I don’t know how to get back into it in a way that might actually pay off my student debts, but I’m making a resolve to at least research it.  

Happiness is worth more than money. 


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United States of Tara

I’m watching The United States of Tara lately and it makes me so happy that her son being gay isn’t even an issue.  I’m sure, as this is a television show, stuff will come up later; but for now the family just accepts it and treats it like it’s normal.  Which is the way every family should.  And I am lucky enough my family did for the most part.  Seriously, it would be difficult for me to find a better coming out experience in the world.  But anyways, happy little things.

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I Found This…


And it’s awesome.  I read every section in one sitting.  I think.  I may have missed something.

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So It’s Been a While…

It’s been a long, long while.  Things have happened in my life.  Well, I guess nothing too exciting.  I spent about a year on a hippie ranch in Arkansas.  That was pretty awesome.  Curly-haired crush is now curly-haired girlfriend.  So, yeah.  I plan to get back in the swing of things.  Now I’m living in small-town Missouri again.  I work for a radio station.

More to follow…

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Overly Obsessed With Harry Potter

I just wanted to share the conversation I had via text messaging with a good friend/former roommate the other day while I was at work.

It’s about Harry Potter.  Here it is. Verbatim.

Me: Oh my god there are Weasley look-a-likes in the restaurant! The one who looks like the twins even has on a striped scarf!

Former roommate: KIDNAP THEM FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!

FR: But he has glasses, so maybe he’s more of a Percy.  The kid with him is totally a Charlie.  And I will try to kidnap them; they’re very tall!

FR: Percy was taller than the twins!

Me: Totally a Percy, then. I want them!

Me: I’m creepily staring at them. Decided it’s Percy and a cross between Ron and Charlie.

FR: Just ask the parents if you can have them!

Me: No parents around. Percy looks our age and they’re out on a brother-date! So fucking cute.


Me: I can’t just go up to Percy Weasley and ask him on a date for you!

FR: …Yes you can!!!!!

Me: Oh my god he even does the looking over the rim of his glasses thing I pictured Percy doing when he was a prefect!

FR: PLEEEEEEEEEEASE! unless charlie is near our age. Then him.

Me: The more I stalk him the more Ron he becomes.

Me: Ron is about half a foot taller than Percy.  But looks about 17. Percy looks in his early 20s.

FR: But I want ron!

Me: I think he’s talking about a college course now. He may be at least 18.

Me: Spoiler alert: they don’t have British accents.

FR: Did you ask them out for me?

Me: No. I’m sorry…

FR: Our friendship is over.

Me: I’m sorry. But you can’t just go up to the Weasleys and ask them out!



Three hours later…

FR:  Still mad at you.

Me: Sorry…

FR: It’s too late to apologize…

Me: I’m so sorry. Celebrities intimidate me.

FR: Jerk!

The next day, after me telling her I’m (joke) mad at her about something…

FR: Listen. I’m still mad about the Weasley incident.

Me: I’m sorry. Maybe I’ll see them again.

FR: If you see them again and don’t ask them out for me this friendship is OVER!

Me: I’ll never let a Weasley look-a-like pass by without me harassing them again!

FR: I’m glad you’ve learnt your lesson.

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So Curly-haired Crush and I are sometimes more like five-year-olds on a playground than college students in a serious relationship.

She came over to my apartment to eat lunch today. We had fried egg sandwiches covered in delicious chili sauce.


Om nom nom. I eat this on everything. Even spaghetti.


And then I started chasing her around the apartment trying to kiss her. And she ran from me. Very first grade.

And when I was about to catch her, my foot caught on the hem of my pants and I fell. Hard.

A few moments later my roommate stuck her head out of her bedroom and informed me the force of my crash had made things fall off of her desk.

My knee is bruised.

I feel like I was much more graceful when I was five.

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People are annoying.

Myself included.

So the other day I realized that somewhere in the course of moving three times in five months I had lost the textbooks I need for this semester.

So I tore my room apart trying to find them. After that yielded no results I decided to do something truly useful and cry myself to sleep.

After such a productive night I woke up, walked to the book store, spent 80 dollars on books I had at one time owned, quickly did the reading, and then went to class.

And that’s pretty much how all my first few days of class have been going.

Now I’m going to go find some coffee and some food. And consume it.

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