Please Shut Up…It is a Library After All

I have a lot of complaints about my school’s library.  All these complaints show what a nerd I really am.  I spend waaaay too much time in there.  Way too much.  I probably wouldn’t have to spend quite as much time in there if people were polite.  Remember first grade, when you were taugt to be quiet in the library?  Apparently several people who now go to my school never learned that.  And I supposedly go to a somewhat prestigious school.

I generally try not to stereotype at all, but those with the least regard for manners learned in first grade belong to the greek system.  Fraternities and sororities.  I don’t have anything against them outside of the book-encrusted walls.  But inside, I feel like kicking them smack dab in the middle of the letters emblazoned across their chests. 

Is it being in a group?  Does that make them feel like they don’t need to obey common courtesy?  Or does being around so much greek-ness make them forget that long-ago learned rule?

To make it clear (again), I have nothing against greeks in general.  My only problem comes when people with the greek alphabet on their t-shirts have no respect for those who are trying to learn.


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