Yeah, I was camping. No, I didn’t have sex in the woods.

So, I was just at camp for this organization I’m in.  Yeah college!  (Sarcasm for those who didn’t catch it.)  Can you believe that a large group of 18 to 24-year-old students is expected to sleep on the ground?  In the middle of November?  I’m so over it.

On a side note, a happier note, the next morning we woke up and did service.  I was part of a group assigned to move a bridge.  Yes, actually move a bridge.  I know, we’re hard core.

Okay, so it was just a footbridge, and the first one we moved only by hand.  It was actually really easy.  The second wasn’t too bad, except nobody could agree on how to do it.  The group dug out the bridge, set it on its side, and then had no idea.  First we dug a trench for a water pipe and moved it down the hill, then we dug a new trench and moved it back up the hill.  It took three hours when it should have taken one.


Mildy idiotic people amuse me to know end.

And I’m counting myself in that group for now.

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