How to Not get a date

I have an organizational formal-type thing coming up this weekend. And I still don’t have a date.  Pathetic, right?

See, the thing is, I’m awkward all the time, but especially around people I’m attracted to. I have a [BIG] crush on this one guy, but will I break down and ask him? No. I’ll go stag, and I’ll have a great time, but I could have a great time WITH a date. 

Why won’t I ask him? Because I’m so awkward, we only have contact when I have computer problems. He works at IT for my school (I know, you can think all the things you want about geeks at this point). All of our conversations have centered around virus-scanning software. From those conversations I have determined that he’s funny as hell, good with computers (a big bonus as I am awful with them), and he’s taller than me. 

He also kind of looks a little like that kid from the Goonies. Hot.

So, in my typical awkward, passive manner, I’ll let the week slide by.  I’ll think about going in and asking (I have no other way to contact him), decide not to, and go by myself on Friday.  Then, the next time I have computer problem (which will inevitably happen soon), I’ll go visit him, make a sorry excuse for flirting while wishing I’d asked him.

If only I would.


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