Maybe there is a god? Karma? Or I just really lucked out.

I seem to write about the library a lot.  Right now I’m there.  Supposed to be writing a paper. 

Today I almost cried tears of relief.  A few days ago, on my way to class, I realized I’d forgotten about the final stage of a research paper that was due that day.  The professor it was due to does not accept any form of late work.  In my panic I skipped class and went in sat in the library.  I didn’t do anything.  I just sat there in shock.  Today I went to class, unwilling to look her in the face.  I really like and respect this professor, which makes it even harder when I mess up in that class. 

She walked in in the usual way and said, “Pass up your papers if you’ve got them.”

If you’ve got them?

“Everyone else, just make sure they’re in my office before noon tomorrow.”

She’d given the class an extension.  I almost cried tears of relief.

So now, in an effort not to disappoint her (or myself), I have to make the paper really good in the next twelve hours.  Wish me luck.

And this library is a great place to hang out.  Seriously.  It’s where the cool kids are.

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