Weekend before Finals

This weekend’s awkward moment happened at a party.

The weekend before finals is crazy at my school.  It’s one of the biggest party weekends of the year.  Me, being the lame person I am, only went to a small shindig.

This weekend I went to a party for the school newspaper, which I work for.  There were only about 20 people, but it was still a good time.

The awkwardness I experience was with the assistant editor of the news section.  We’ve never spoken.  However, it was an evening full of awkwardness with him.

Maybe it seems more awkward because he’s good-looking, but it would be awkward anyway.

The first bit was when I walked in on him in the bathroom.  Pants were up, but still uncomfortable.  Made more uncomfortable.  Then, not ten minutes later, he was explaining how a light was broken.  There were a lot of hand motions involved in the telling.  And I, of course, had to make fun of him for it.

And he just stared at me.

I imagine he was thinking something like this:

Why is this girl I barely know making fun of me?  We don’t know each other.  She’s really rude.  Who invited her?  Why did we even allow her on the newspaper staff?  Is this reason enough to fire her?  No…Shit, I’ll have to see her again.  Where did this girl come from?

Fortunately we won’t have a meeting for a while.  Hopefully he won’t remember it until then.  I really hope he was too drunk to remember.  But not likely as he wasn’t even slurring his speech. 

Maybe he’ll think I was drunk?  Not likely.  I’m just awkward.

Why was I cursed with this awkwardness?


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