It’s my family’s fault.

I am one of the biggest losers I know.

I’m on winter break now.  Finally.  But now that I’m there I’m incredibly bored.

I got home yesterday.  I’ve been watching movies and going to family social functions since then.

The big one today was the church Christmas pageant.  Made even more awkward the fact that I don’t believe any of that nonsense any more.  I completely respect other people’s right to believe, and I accept that they may be right.  I just can’t believe it. 

I saw a lot of people, caught up, and then we went to the church basement for punch and cookies.  Where I turned into a waitress.  Meaning I was at a table with a bunch of old less spry ladies, and whenever they wanted another cookie or more punch, I was sent after it.  Totally cool, except I’m a very clumsy person and it was in a very crowded area.

So I ran into a few people, and almost tripped this old lady with a walker as she went to see Santa.

Who was only going up there because my mother made her.

This is genetic.  I can’t help it.


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