I’ve got nothing

You’d think the first few days class would give me something to write about, but I’m drawing a total blank right now. Perhaps it’s because I don’t really care anymore.  Real life has just been too distracting.

I know a lot of blogs are written because there’s a part of the writer he or she wants to get out, but won’t show in everyday life. I haven’t had that feeling lately.

Now I sound sappy, so I’ll stop. 

I kind of want the urge to blog to return, but I don’t want to lose the reason I don’t feel like blogging right now.

We’ll see what happens.


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One response to “I’ve got nothing

  1. Annonomys

    You should keep posting. I’m socially awkward most of the time. Happened to stumble on it this blog, reading some of these situations I can relate.

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