I’m Home Again and Things Just Seem to Happen

I’m not a huge fan of being woken up in the morning, but I was this morning. Because I’m at home, on break.Yep, spring break for me means even earlier wake-up times than when I’m in the semester.  So last night I climbed into bed expecting a nice, long sleep. I should also point out that my sleep outfits right now include yellow athletic shorts over black leggings and a slightly-too-small blank hoodie (the leggings are because I forgot my sleeping pants and our house is ridiculously cold). I look just like an eighties aerobic instructor heading out for a morning run. 

This morning when my mother forced me out of bed, I wasn’t allowed to hide my outfit inside. No, I was made to take our three dogs out on their morning walk. I wasn’t allowed to change at all first, because, “They really had to go.” So I headed outside with my hair all crazy, this ridiculous outfit on, and the first shoes I could find, which happened to be a pair of dress flats.

I also wasn’t lucky enough to walk the dogs without being seen. Several people drove by and openly gaped at me. One truck even got to the end of the street, stopped where there is no stop sign, and backed up a few feet so the passenger could stare at me.

I, of course, rushed back in as soon as it was reasonable.

Being home is so humiliating.


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