There’s Already Enough Negativity Out There

I half-wrote a post the other week, but didn’t have the heart to finish it.  It was an angry post.  There had been some stuff go down at my apartment that didn’t make me happy.

I’m happy I decided not to post it.  None of the people involved even know about this blog, so it’s not like they would have found it, but I’m glad I didn’t post it because I didn’t put al lthat anger out into cyberspace.

I’m over it now, so it’s like it never existed.  Sort of.


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One response to “There’s Already Enough Negativity Out There

  1. erin

    hi. i’m just a passerby so please don’t panic or anything.

    i just want to say that i can really relate with a lot of your entries. i’m kinda awkward too and i have horrible communication skills. i end up offending people when i try to socialize.

    i just wanted to drop a note… good day.

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