Hanging out with your Grandma is cool.

It’s Saturday night, and I spent the evening with my grandmother.

And I’m very happy I did.

I know I’m lame.  Other people my age are out and about, at bars and parties.  I ate dinner and watched a movie with a septuagenarian.

And took the dogs for a walk.

It was worth it.  I wouldn’t care about a night spent drinking and trying to meet people.

But my grandmother and I will always share the memory of me running down the street trying to catch her wiener dog, the other dogs’ leashes wrapped around my ankle.  And how much we laughed at it.  And how we laughed about how terrible the new spaghetti sauce recipe I tried was.

These four hours, which so many might consider lame, meant so much to me.

I’m so glad I called her up and invited her over.  And I know it made her just as happy.


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