Independence, Fuck yeah!

Happy Birthday, America.

I, personally, am celebrating by wearing my Obama t-shirt (paired with a scarf and skinny jeans so it’s plenty stylish, of course), and then setting things on fire and making them go boom.

And I heard a rumor about homemade ice cream?

Fuck veganism and my newly-discovered lactose intolerance. I’m so eating as many bowls/cones/any form I can get my hands on.

I’m not usually a “Yay America!” type of person, but we’ve got a president I actually like and I get to make things explode. This is so worth celebrating.


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One response to “Independence, Fuck yeah!

  1. Ha! I did the same thing. And even though it’s super-patriotic to wear a shirt with the U.S. President on it, people still get peeved. (Came here through the “Missouri” tag.–Nice blog.)

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