The trip I just went on was a tour. With a group of mostly people I had never met before.

I’m not a fan of tours. I’m more the person who wants to stay in a city as long as I want and experience it at my pace. You know, just wander around for a day and find the little things about a city, not just the big tourist attractions.

But I can’t complain about this tour, I went for free. And the tour guide, Lance, was completely amazing.

Lance is a rather rotund British man who refers to everyone as his “darlings.”

Whenever we got ready to leave somewhere, he’d ask the group leaders, “Are all your darlings here?”

He also would randomly ask younger people in the group, “Are you being good?” Which was especially funny when he asked the high-school age boys in the group. They’d look uncomfortable and not know how to respond. So then he’d have fun.

“Do you know what we do with naughty boys?”

More staring at the ground and reddening of the face.

“They get spanked.”

They start looking for somewhere else to go stand.

“We give them a wallop.”

And then the boys would usually run away.

It was great to watch.

More posts on what happened over there to come soon.


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