More McDonald’s

I work at McDonald’s. Sometimes it’s extremely embarrassing.

And today I feel like I saw more people I knew in high school than normal.

If I’d been anywhere else, it would have been a great time to run into them. My acne’s decided to behave itself and go away this week, and I’ve lost a little bit of weight in the past month or two.

Unfortunately, the McDonald’s uniform does nothing to accentuate any good physical characteristics of mine.

But looking good aside, I’m always terrified they’ll think McDonald’s has become my career. There’s nothing wrong with McDonald’s for those who really do belong to that career path. It just isn’t considered very highly where I’m from.

I was also the “smart, geeky kid” when we were in high school. Like, voted biggest bookworm in my graduating class kind of geeky. Very geeky.

Whatever. Let them think what they will.


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