Spontaneous Road Trip

My best friend and I went on a spontaneous road trip the other day.

It was completely spontaneous. Best friend was talking to her beau, and was like, “We should go see her.”

So we left. At 10:00 at night. It was almost a 4 hour drive. But we did it.

The awkward part came when we got there. We saw the beau. And then realized when we got there that we didn’t have anywhere to stay.

The Beau took us in, but as she lived with her parents, had to sneak us in. But we did it, got in without any problems.

I then had to borrow sleeping pants from the woman I’d met about 30 minutes before.

The next morning we all woke up, and realized we had no change of clothes, toothbrushes, or any other necessities. Best friend found some extra clean shirts in her car, and we both made that change in the middle of the road, outside the Beau’s house.

But despite these inconveniences, we went on from the Beau’s hometown to another town another 4 hours away, so the Beau’s friend could see her love interest.

This, again, with no plans.

We spent the day in a new town in a different state, and mostly left Beau’s best friend with her love interest, while Best Friend, the Beau, and I wandered around the town.

When it was time for us to leave, Beau’s best friend was not anxious to leave at all. But we got her out of there before too long.

When we got back to Beau’s hometown, Best Friend and I found out that the town we had started in had some heavy storms, so it wasn’t really safe to drive, especially so late.

So we stayed and the Beau’s house again, only this time her parents knew, so we were spared that awkwardness. Beau’s best friend also joined us.

By this time Best Friend and I had not showered, brushed our teeth, or changed our underwear in two days.

I borrowed the same sleeping pants, and ended up in the same bed as Beau’s best friend. In was surprisingly not awkward, considering it had been less than 24 hours since we met. I think her nonchalant manner about sleeping in the same bed as a stranger is what did it.

We woke up at about 7:30 the next morning, and had to hurry back for Best Friend to make her noon class.

Nonsense like this is what college is all about, right?


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