The Man in the Hallway

I got flirted with by an older man the other day. More than flirted. I don’t even know. Here’s what happened:

I was leaving my apartment. The door across the hall from me opened and out walked a man in his mid-thirties, on a cell phone.

I don’t have anything against people in their mid-thirties. It’s just that I’m only 22, and I want them to stay away from me and closer to people their own age.

He gave me the up-and-down (very obviously) and proceeded down the hallway. I stopped to lock my door, then proceeded down the hall myself.

The man was stopped at the top of the outside stairs. I walked by, and received another up and down.

When I was halfway down the stairs, he got off the phone and said to me, “I know you’re taken, right?”

Me, never having mastered the art of lying, said, “No, I’m single.”

And then in my head: Fuck fuck fuck just learn to fucking lie say you have a giant football-player boyfriend or pull the lesbian card.

I did neither. I just continued.

Then he spoke again.

“Can I visit you sometime?”

He knew where I lived. I asked if he lived across the hall, and it was just a friend of his. But my questions didn’t distract him.

“So can I visit you sometime?”

“Um, I guess.”

Fuck fuck fuck just say no you idiot.

“Okay, see you around.”

Fuck my life. Now I’ve got a 30-something-year-old man who knows where I live and wants to bang me. I don’t know what to do.


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One response to “The Man in the Hallway

  1. everythingforareason

    Oh girl, I’ve been there! I haven’t mastered the art of lying to avoid guys either. This is what I would do: if he does come visit you, make it pretty obvious by your choice of words and body language that you’re not interested. If he still asks you out, just say that you appreciate the offer, but no. You don’t have to give an explanation. If he asks why, just be honest and say that you aren’t comfortable dating outside of your age range. That’s what I did when I got asked out by a 40-year-old, and I’m 24. I just told him that I’m too young for him!

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