Back to School Shopping

Best Friend and I went shopping today.

We bought leather jackets. Yeah, we wear matching clothes.

We then decided to go to the nearest decent-sized city, over an hour’s drive away, to go shopping for real.

It was a generally pleasant experience.

At one point, we walked into a store as I was saying the words, “Who was moaning?”

The employee at the front of the star then interjected, “Hey guys, how are you?” with a smirk on his face.

We didn’t stay in the store very long.

Later on we went to the underwear store.

It’s awkward enough just being in an underwear store, but all the women working wouldn’t leave us alone.

It’s very good customer service and all, but I prefer to do my underwear shopping as privately as possible.

Eh, I got a free gift out of the deal.


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