Nondates and Magazines

“The only thing we’re really good at is blogging.”

-Best Friend

Exactly how I feel.

Have you ever been out with a friend and not been sure if it was a date or not?

I had that happen last night.

I’d bathed and shaved my armpits just in case, but wasn’t assuming anything.

When I got there, we sat on the deck and talked for several hours, but the whole time I didn’t know if it was a date.

There was even kissing at the end, but I’m still not completely sure if this was a date. I guess?

I don’t know if you can assume things like this if it’s under 5 minutes of making out.

Fuck, why am I so awkward?

In other news, Best Friend and I decided to make a lesbian magazine. I know there are already some out there, but we wanted one that would fill in the holes the others don’t fill.

Until we realized that we were trying to fill those holes because we want the answers to those questions. We can’t answer them because we don’t know.

We’ve got some style advice. Best Friend’s pretty stylish, and has a very stylish girlfriend. But when it comes to lesbian dating advice, we’re in the dark.

There’s not hope for us. I’m afraid this magazine idea may slowly fizzle and die, or we’ll bring in outside help.


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