Family Time

So, I was a little bit freaking out the other day about my textbooks being in the wrong town.

That’s all fixed now, they’re sitting safely in my current apartment, but the receiving of the textbooks was a little awkward.

The way they got here was through my great-aunt and great-uncle.

They’d been visiting my family, and the town I go to college in is on their way home, so they conveniently stopped by to drop them off for me on their way home.

My great-aunt and great-uncle are some of the most awkward people I know.

And we’ve never been especially close. They’ve always lived in another state, so there wasn’t a whole lot of quality time spent together in my lifetime.

They took me out to lunch.

This was a problem because I’m a vegetarian and they’ve spent the past four years on the Atkins diet.

Fortunately, there’s a cafe downtown that has both a delicious vegetable panini and (I’ve heard) a delicious Reuben sandwich on the menu.

They’re really big health nuts, and I could feel them judging me when I ordered mashed potatoes as my side instead of a salad.

They’re also really cheap, and I tried to order the cheapest vegetarian item on the menu, but it was still $6.00. I would have gone with just the $3.50 bowl of soup if I could, but it wasn’t really possible, as I don’t eat chicken broth.

Conversation was a little difficult to keep up.

They’re in their upper 60s;  I’m in college.

Their big plans for the week involve dinner theater, mine involve drinking.

At least I wasn’t hung over, you know?

They’re good people, there were just a lot of long, awkward pauses during lunch.

I did find out that my great-grandmother hated my great-uncle for the first 20 years of their marriage. But eventually learned to like him.

The things you find out.


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