Stress for Silly Reasons

I just had a minor freak-out in the school library.

I have a presentation on Tuesday about a certain reading.  In typical me-style, I waited until the Thursday before I give it to even locate the reading. Tonight I had a spurt of responsibility, and decided to get it over with.

Except when looking at the library’s online catalogue, I realized the book I need is checked out until October 15th. My presentation is the 6th.

Holy shit.  NOT OKAY.

So then, with no other way to freak out, I requested every copy of the book in the state.

(My school’s library has this nifty, and useful, little thing where you can have books from another university’s library sent to our library.  Then you just check it out like a regular library book.)

After requesting all nine copies from various schools throughout the state, I decided to google the reading.

And found a well-respected academic site, which my professor has mentioned in class, with the full reading on it.

No freak-out necessary.

No requests necessary.

Not even any books were actually necessary.



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