Old Friends

This weekend I ran into someone I went to high school with.

For most people, this would be a mildly pleasant experience, as it was someone I always got along with and rather enjoyed her sense of humor.

For me, it was not.

First of all, I started out by calling her the wrong name. Smooth.

We did the basic “What are you doing here?” conversation.

Then, as always, I tried to get out of the conversation as quickly as possible, before making an even bigger ass of myself.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think it through.  I exited the conversation, and then realized we were in a very tiny store, where there was no place to hide from my own awkwardness.

So, I tried to appear very absorbed in a book about the Dalai Lama. Which, while very interesting, probably didn’t deserve the unwavering attention I gave it for a solid ten minutes.

Fortunately, I think she understood my awkwardness. At least, I haven’t received any hate messages from her.

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