You know the song “Smooth Operator”? That’s definitely not about me.

This weekend, in typical failing fashion, I had someone interested in me. I had the chance to make out with an extremely attractive young lady.

And I blew it.

Because I have no social skills.

Nothing dramatic happened, I just never made a move. And then spilled Taco Bell all over myself.

I’m not smooth.

Some people are silk, I’m gravel. Seriously, that smooth.

However, a friend compared me to communism and fascism. How they’re so different they’re almost similar. Maybe I’m so smooth, I’m not smooth.

Probably not really so.

Not at all.

Maybe next time she’s in town I won’t blow it.

But let’s be honest, I’m possibly the most awkward person alive. I probably will blow it.


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Filed under Awkward Moments, The Opposite of Romance

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