I am One Badass Femme

I’m pretty proud of myself right now.

This weekend I climbed (scaled?) a bluff. With my bare hands. While wearing a skirt.

It really wasn’t that impressive of a bluff. Not completely vertical, and not that tall, probably 75 to 100 feet high. But I was in a mother-fucking skirt!

I get frustrated sometimes because I feel that, due to my ridiculously feminine appearance, people assume I’m a weakling. Nevermind that I’m nearly 6 feet tall and am built a little bit like a football player. I wear dresses, therefore I’m obviously helpless.

The more masculine person who is half my weight will obviously be better at physical labor. Obviously. (This is sarcasm, of course.)

But I’m still a bit on cloud 9. I climbed a bluff in a skirt.

I’m a super-femme.

I will start wearing a cape with my gown and heels.

Watch me.


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