Lesson Learned: Don’t Drink Alone

I didn’t start the night out drinking alone. Not any of the past three nights I’ve finished the night drunk. I just keep drinking after the people leave, and then end up drunk and alone.

Last night was the most ridiculous. I’d already poured the drink, so of course I had to finish it. Nevermind that I’d only drank a third of if before my friend went home. But I absolutely had to finish it, I’d put good booze in there. Absolut. I’m not wasting that shit.

Anyways, my rather foolish decision to continue drinking, come hell or high water, ended in me wandering the streets of my town alone at 4:00 in the morning. On a Monday night/Tuesday morning.

I wandered around the alley behind Best Friend’s apartment to see if his light was still on.

I even relieved myself in an alley. Classy.

I don’t know if I was pathetic or awesome. I like to think it was a combination of the two.

My new goal is not to drink alone for the rest of the week. Notice I will drink with other people, and I can start drinking alone again come next week. Just no drinking alone this week.

I set such high standards for myself.


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