Crash, Bang, Ouch

Late last night, very soon after I had finally fallen asleep, I awoke to a huge crashing sound.

After locating my glasses and making sure I hadn’t wet myself, I looked around for what could have caused the crash.

I don’t have many breakables in my apartment. I’m clumsy, and whenever I do bring something breakable in, it’s never long before I trip over, run into it, or try to use it for something other than the intended purpose and end up breaking it.

So I was of course confused about why something was making loud, scary noises in the middle of the night.

When I had gathered myself enough to actually look around, I realized that the window was no longer there. It was on the floor of my apartment.

This dialogue started running through my head:

What the fuck? It’s fucking three o’clock in the morning. I was actually asleep for once. God it’s cold. Something hurts. There’s broken glass, you idiot. Put some fucking shoes on, stupid. Why couldn’t it have done this when it was warm? I’m going to freeze to death tonight…

I tried to tape a blanket over the window, but I didn’t have any duct tape. I trudged around my apartment with my feet only half in the first pair of boots I could find. Could only find Scotch tape. Scotch tape does not work very well, turns out.

So I just gave up and climbed back into my now frost-like bed.

I didn’t even bother cleaning up the glass.

Fortunately, I didn’t freeze to death.

And I called the landlord this morning, the window should be fixed by the time I’m home. Or at least something will be up to keep me from freezing to death.


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