More Naked

I suppose I should explain the family nudity comment from the previous post.

Basically, my family’s a bunch of nudists.  Not in the “live on a commune and be naked all the time” sort of way. Just when they’re in the house. But I doubt there has been one day I’ve been in that house where I haven’t seen a nude family member. Usually three or four, many times.

This probably has more to do with having six people in the house and only one bathroom than anything else, but it was my childhood. And adolescence. And now my summer breaks.

Despite being used to it, it gets a little uncomfortable. I’m sometimes worried because my house has huge windows and we definitely have neighbors.  And the room I share with my sister doesn’t have any curtains.

But who cares if the neighborhood thinks we’re crazy and weird. We know it’s not weird, it’s just a necessity.

All the neighbors are old, anyway, their eyesight’s probably bad enough they can’t see us.


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