This Day Needs to Die a Slow, Painful Death

So I really hate Valentine’s Day.

I’m extremely uncomfortable with any public form of romance (beyond the occasional quick kiss or one arm around the shoulder), and Valentine’s Day seems to be an excuse for people to walk around flaunting their couple-dom.

I also hate that those in relationships are expected to spend money just because of the day. Not okay. Do it because you really want to and feel like it, not because it’s Valentine’s Day.

I’ll admit I’m a little bitter. Curly-haired crush is still very far away (and we’re not officially a couple – we just know we will be when we’re finally in the same country again).

I’ve only been in a relationship on Valentine’s Day once, and it was with someone I didn’t actually like very much.

Maybe someday when I experience this horrible holiday with somebody I really love I’ll understand all the fuss, but for now I’m just going to sit around and be angry and annoyed at all the people who dare to look cute and happy in a restaurant or walking down the street just because it’s February 14th.

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One response to “This Day Needs to Die a Slow, Painful Death

  1. michellegm15

    I agree. This was my first V-day with someone else, and while it was all cute and fun, I felt wrong doing sweet things and spending time with him BECAUSE it was the prescribed social norm for that day…it felt a little contrived somehow, even though it wasn’t insincere. Like, oh man, we have to please each other so we both can prove our love…or something.

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