Meeting New People

Last night I had a rather strange conversation with one of my new coworkers.

We’d talked a little bit throughout me working that day, but this was our first actual conversation.

Him: Can I ask you a few weird questions?

Me: Um, okay.

Him: How old are you?

Me: 23.

Him: Are you in school?

Me: Not right now.

Him: Have you worked other places in Kirksville.

Me: McDonald’s, Maritz, that’s it.

Him: Okay, thanks.

Me: Were you trying to figure something out?

Him: Yeah.

Awkward silence.

Him: I’ll explain. I’ve been talking to a girl named Sara online. She’s 23 and from here. And she looks just like you. We haven’t met yet. But I just texted her asking what she’s doing tonight and she said she was working until late.

Then I stupidly assumed that all people who meet online are doing it for dating purposes.

Me: Oh, it wasn’t me. And couldn’t have been…I’m not interested in men.

Him: Oh, it’s just friendship.

Me: Oh my god I’m so sorry.

Him: No, no. It’s okay.

Me: [Awkwardly hid my face and walked out of the room]

Later on we both apologized and things weren’t especially awkward. Although I’m not sure what he was apologizing for…


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  1. hehe. hi. that happens to me ALL the time. the other day i saw a girl who happened to be dressed really nicely, and even though i’m ridiculously shy, i thought hey, it would probably make her feel good to know that i liked what she was wearing.

    so i said, ‘i love your outfit’ but she didn’t hear me, and i had to repeat myself three times. with all that frustration, it didn’t sound like a compliment any more. she didn’t seem overly pleased that i’d picked her to talk to. i hope not to run into her in the hall when i leave my apartment any time soon.

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