Future Dating Possibility?

So I seem to attract mentally ill people.

I’m not sure. Curly-haired crush told me it’s because my mother works with special ed students, so I just know how to interact with them.

Well, for whatever reason, I was asked on a date by a 50-year-old mentally ill man at work today.

Basically, he started out trying to figure out when I work.

I politely turned him down by telling him I close every night this week.

Later on I came by to see if he needed a refill.

“Sara, would it make a difference if I had a quarter of a million dollars? What would you think of that?”

Um, no. You’re old enough to be my father.

“Well, I’m happy for you.”


Later on his best friend came into the restaurant. I asked him how he was, and said he was fine, but his friend was down because he’d been rejected by a girl.

After realizing the girl he was upset about was me, I told the friend to pass on the message that it’s nothing personal, I’m just already seeing someone.

Poor guy.


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One response to “Future Dating Possibility?

  1. I’m just gonna throw this out there….

    Maybe you should consider submitting to my site Emotionally Retarded Boyfriend. Your life might be the only one stranger dating-wise than mine. That’s saying a lot.

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