What a Creep.

I’m the creep in this scenario.

Big time.

Last night I had a bit to drink. Maybe a lot to drink.

The mayor of our town happened to be at this same bar.

And I’ve been on a really big Twitter kick.

I was drunk enough I’d get excited every time I saw the mayor.

So I tweeted about him every time I saw them.

It was a little stalker-ish. A lot stalker-ish.

And turns out he saw them. And responded. I’m a huge creep.

In the future, I’m never, ever, ever going near Twitter while drunk.



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3 responses to “What a Creep.

  1. sskate

    I’m only going to admit this because I’m drunk, and will probably delete it when I’m sober again (not that you couldn’t see it on Twitter, which I can’t bring myself to delete), but one of the Tweets I made this night said, “Would it be creepy to ask the mayor to sign my body?”

    Which he responded to, saying, “Yes, yes it would.”

    I agree.

    Also, I only tweeted about important things tonight, like stealing pitchers from golf carts.

    Nothing about the mayor.

    I’m well on my way to recovery.

  2. Oh man I love this…! (and you :-D)

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