Sorry I’m a Lame-ass With a Broken Computer

So I’ve been without a computer for a while.

It’s still broken. Very broken.

But today I realized I had some free time, so I hopped on over to the public library.

But here’s what’s been going on in my life:

I moved. While I very much miss the roof overlooking the sheriff’s department at my old apartment, this one has air conditioning. And considering the 100 degree heat indexes we’ve been having up here lately, I think it was a reasonable trade.

I also have been working two jobs.

One is at the Home Depot. I’ve got an intense farmer’s tan and plenty of dirt beneath my fingernails from this job.

My other is at a local Chinese restaurant. This one’s a lot of fun. I’m a driver, and they won’t let me do anything to help out in the restaurant, so most of the time I sit there and eat Chinese food. Fortunately it’s only three hours a day, or else I might have gained 1,000 pounds by now. I’m also the only white person there. It’s kind of funny to see people’s reactions when they realize I work there. There are a lot of double takes. And the boss doesn’t speak English. And I’m the only one who doesn’t speak Chinese. Which makes for a lot of awkward moments.

Anyways, there’s a brief update on what’s going on. My life’s pretty boring. I make it more interesting by drinking. A lot. The highlight of my past few weeks was probably that I played spin-the-bottle for the first time. Not that it was a particularly good game, I just feel like it was something I needed to do before I die.

And hopefully I’ll actually fix my computer soon. I mean, I’m paying for internet at my apartment. Well, one-third of it. And haven’t used it yet. I need to get on this shit.


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One response to “Sorry I’m a Lame-ass With a Broken Computer

  1. Meg

    Curly-haired Crush feels extremely left out of this life update. HELLO.

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