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United States of Tara

I’m watching The United States of Tara lately and it makes me so happy that her son being gay isn’t even an issue.  I’m sure, as this is a television show, stuff will come up later; but for now the family just accepts it and treats it like it’s normal.  Which is the way every family should.  And I am lucky enough my family did for the most part.  Seriously, it would be difficult for me to find a better coming out experience in the world.  But anyways, happy little things.


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Apparently there IS such a thing as partying too hard

I had a fantastic Friday night.

Followed by a miserable Saturday. Not hung over, just congested, high fever. Whatever.

Took Saturday night off from drinking like a responsible person.

I wasn’t too upset by this because the Tuesday of finals week is the big night of the semester. Everyone goes out because there are never any finals scheduled on Wednesday.

So I was saving up.

Unfortunately, by Tuesday I wasn’t really feeling any better.

But, like the true champion I am, I decided to go out anyway. I mean, it’s Reading Day Eve.

It was a pretty fantastic night.

There were parties happening on almost every street corner.

Two of my roommates and I split a bottle of whiskey (on top of the random beers and margaritas I had consumed along the way).

I smoked probably half a pack of cigarettes. Maybe more.

There was so much dancing.

And, like the week before, I woke up miserable.

Except this time it was serious. I wasn’t just feverish and congested, I was coughing up blood.

I’ve heard that’s generally something you don’t want your body to do.

Fortunately, I got to the doctor today, got on some antibiotics, and am going to be fine.

But I may have learned an important lesson here. Don’t party while you’re sick.

On the other hand, it was such a good night.

Yeah, I would make the stupid decision again.

I’d party again.


Fuck my health.


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Life Dream Come True

I’m going to start writing a sex column with Best Friend for a campus newspaper.

One of my major life goals is complete.

Although I’m not really sure how two people can write one sex column…

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Important Little Words

Curly-haired crush is in town this weekend.

And we’ve come to realize that we really like each other. Really really really like each other.

In fact, a certain, very significant, word was dropped.

It’s the first time I’ve used in (in a romantic way) and meant it.

It’s a big deal.

And I’m so happy about it.

I also need to find a better nickname than Curly-haired crush.

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It Was a Busy Night

I went to a party Tuesday night. It’s finals week, and there are never finals scheduled for Wednesday, so of course 80 percent of the school uses that night to get wasted.

I went to this party. First awkward moment of the evening: I wore this really great vintage dress. The bad part is, the built-in bra is very strange and old and lumpy, and after I’ve been drinking a while I typically end up walking around making people feel my breasts. Yet I still wore it, knowing this might happen.

Second awkward moment: When I got to the party, they put in a DVD of porn bloopers. I’ve seen porn before, several times, and been fine, but this was gross porn. We’re talking sheer thong swimsuits, long fingernails, and 80’s hair. I was mildly disgusted. Also, I apparently have a lot of expression in my face when I watch movies. Sometimes Best Friend watches my face instead of the movie because it’s more entertaining. At one point while the movie was in, someone yelled out, “Look at Sarah Scott’s face!”

I left the room after the first blooper was over.

Third awkward moment of the night: I was leaving a later party to go to a dance party at a frat house with a group of friends. While we were waiting on someone in the group, a guy came up to me and started talking to me. He seemed cool, and I was getting gay vibes from him. Of course, my gay radar is terrible, and I was quite drunk at this point, so I really shouldn’t have trusted it. But because he seemed cool and extremely unlikely to make a move on me, I invited him along.

Turns out I was wrong. We were at the party about 10 minutes when he started grinding on me. Despite having seen me kiss on somebody else a few minutes prior.

Yeah, my life is awkward.

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Protected: It Was a Busy Night

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Lots of Reads…

Okay, not really. But my blog views passed 2000 last night. Turns out posting about nudity really is the way to get people to read your blog.

And I know 2000 isn’t that impressive. But when you’re as awkward as I am, and aren’t that good at making friends, it’s quite an accomplishment.

I’m so proud of myself.

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