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So It’s Been a While…

It’s been a long, long while.  Things have happened in my life.  Well, I guess nothing too exciting.  I spent about a year on a hippie ranch in Arkansas.  That was pretty awesome.  Curly-haired crush is now curly-haired girlfriend.  So, yeah.  I plan to get back in the swing of things.  Now I’m living in small-town Missouri again.  I work for a radio station.

More to follow…


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Only One Vice

I’m trying to quit smoking (again/still).

At this point I’ve gone 36 hours without a cigarette, and I’m doing pretty well.

I was reading a play the other day, and one of the characters said a person should have only one vice. That particular character chose drinking. I haven’t decided what my one and only vice will be, but I’m almost certain I don’t want it to be cigarettes.

Maybe it will be alcohol.

Maybe it will be something demure like coffee.

I of course will not give up any one vice entirely (except maybe cigarettes), I’ll just only consume one with any regularity.

I’m tempted for the vice I choose to be food-related, but that seems like a very good way to gain a lot of weight.

We shall see.

I suppose I’ll figure out what I enjoy the most over the next few days.

And keep on not smoking those cigarettes.

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There’s a time limit? What?

So I left home to go to school today. All day my mother kept asking what my rush was. I couldn’t very well tell her that my family was about to drive me crazy, and keeping my sanity intact was the cause for my rush.

Instead I gave an excuse about getting my old apartment together before moving into the new one. Which is true, it just could have waited an extra day.

I hate that she cried when I left. I love my family; I just can’t live with them. But my mother doesn’t understand this.

But now I’m at my friend’s house discussing Citation (I prefer MLA, but am usually made to use APA. And I despise Turabian). Because that’s what happens here.

Another thing that happened today was at work. I didn’t work today; I just went in to pick up my paycheck. I’m always awkward there, I feel like I fit in with the people there even less than with other people.

But when I went in at 2:40, the manager on duty gave me an odd look. I asked somebody there about our paychecks. And found out we couldn’t pick them up until 3:00. I had no idea before today. I’ve worked there for three months, plus last summer, and didn’t know there was a time limit on when we could pick up our paychecks.

I’ve never picked up my paycheck on time. I always just ask for my paycheck whenever I remember that it came in. Or my manager remembers and hands it to me.

So after discovering this bit of information, I made up some lame excuse about returning library books and left.

And when I came back 15 minutes later, I discovered that McDonald’s it the place to be on Mondays at 3:00. All this time, and I’d never realized that everybody who works there comes to socialize and pick up their paychecks.

But I sat in the corner until the manager found mine in the stack, then ran out the door as quickly as I could.

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Should I do it?

I’m debating posting a deliciously, delightfully awkward post about something that happened to me.  But it’s sexual, and incredibly awkward.  And embarrassing for me.

But it’s so good.

I really don’t know if I should post it.

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