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United States of Tara

I’m watching The United States of Tara lately and it makes me so happy that her son being gay isn’t even an issue.  I’m sure, as this is a television show, stuff will come up later; but for now the family just accepts it and treats it like it’s normal.  Which is the way every family should.  And I am lucky enough my family did for the most part.  Seriously, it would be difficult for me to find a better coming out experience in the world.  But anyways, happy little things.


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Yesterday there was a knock on my apartment door.

I went to answer it, figuring it would be the person Best Friend had invited over.

When I opened the door, it was a strange man holding a bouquet.

I panicked a little, until he said, “Delivery for Sarah?”

He wasn’t a creepy stalker, he worked for a flower shop.

And somebody likes me!

I opened the card.

The flowers were from my curly-haired crush.

So I did a nerdy little dance around my apartment.

And she got major points with me.

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I am One Badass Femme

I’m pretty proud of myself right now.

This weekend I climbed (scaled?) a bluff. With my bare hands. While wearing a skirt.

It really wasn’t that impressive of a bluff. Not completely vertical, and not that tall, probably 75 to 100 feet high. But I was in a mother-fucking skirt!

I get frustrated sometimes because I feel that, due to my ridiculously feminine appearance, people assume I’m a weakling. Nevermind that I’m nearly 6 feet tall and am built a little bit like a football player. I wear dresses, therefore I’m obviously helpless.

The more masculine person who is half my weight will obviously be better at physical labor. Obviously. (This is sarcasm, of course.)

But I’m still a bit on cloud 9. I climbed a bluff in a skirt.

I’m a super-femme.

I will start wearing a cape with my gown and heels.

Watch me.

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Saturday Night

It’s a Saturday night.

Best Friend and I are just watching movies and working on our magazine.

We’re so awesome.

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Early to bed, early to…be old.

Yesterday I felt uber-popular. I saw two friends.

The first I met at the local swimming pool. I’ve been seen in a swimming suit about twice in the past two years, so I was nervous, but almost everybody at the pool was under the age of 10, so I wasn’t too concerned once there. And besides, that’s why beach towels were invented. To wrap around your body, of course.

It was good to catch up, I hadn’t seen her in a while.

After that I went to meet another friend downtown.

It was great, there was an art museum, a bar, and Mexican food involved.

However, then I had to ruin everything by falling asleep on the couch ridiculously early while watching Golden Girls.

And then woke up at 7:30 the next morning.

I’m beginning to wonder if I’m actually 88, instead of 22 like I’ve been led to believe.

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The Weekend

I stopped whining and got out of here for the weekend. I went back to the town I go to college in. I stayed with one of my good friends who also was just broken up with. She’s as awkward as I am.

It was pretty amazing. We drank, and I did that awkward thing where I tell things I shouldn’t when I drink too much.

We put together furniture.

We watched 30 Rock.

And I’m so excited to go back there to live soon.

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Small, but happy-making

This site makes my day happier ever time I read it.

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