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So It’s Been a While…

It’s been a long, long while.  Things have happened in my life.  Well, I guess nothing too exciting.  I spent about a year on a hippie ranch in Arkansas.  That was pretty awesome.  Curly-haired crush is now curly-haired girlfriend.  So, yeah.  I plan to get back in the swing of things.  Now I’m living in small-town Missouri again.  I work for a radio station.

More to follow…


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I have a job.

I hate working.

I just want to watch The L Word all day.

But I’ve gotta make a living, you know?

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I’m Not Dead

The black spot on my lip is gone.

I think I’m gonna make it.

In other news, I have a job.

Almost as soon as I found out, I texted Best Friend.

I have a job!

She replied: Yay!

So, of course, my response was: Yay I can afford to buy booze!

I love my life.

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Karma’s a Bitch, the Kind of Bitch I Like

I’m back at the parent’s house this weekend.

While here I decided to make good use of my time and go into work at McDonald’s for a few days.

Thank goodness I did, because my faith in Karma was totally restored.

(I know Karma is supposed to happen over years and next lives, but this restored my faith in the more instant variety.)

One of the guys who used to sexually harass me broke his jaw. Now his face is swollen, he can barely talk, and he’s obviously in a lot of pain.

I do feel bad for him, I’m not that terrible of a person. I’m only a little happy that he’s not feeling well.

But considering the hell he put me through this summer, he totally deserves it.

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There’s a time limit? What?

So I left home to go to school today. All day my mother kept asking what my rush was. I couldn’t very well tell her that my family was about to drive me crazy, and keeping my sanity intact was the cause for my rush.

Instead I gave an excuse about getting my old apartment together before moving into the new one. Which is true, it just could have waited an extra day.

I hate that she cried when I left. I love my family; I just can’t live with them. But my mother doesn’t understand this.

But now I’m at my friend’s house discussing Citation (I prefer MLA, but am usually made to use APA. And I despise Turabian). Because that’s what happens here.

Another thing that happened today was at work. I didn’t work today; I just went in to pick up my paycheck. I’m always awkward there, I feel like I fit in with the people there even less than with other people.

But when I went in at 2:40, the manager on duty gave me an odd look. I asked somebody there about our paychecks. And found out we couldn’t pick them up until 3:00. I had no idea before today. I’ve worked there for three months, plus last summer, and didn’t know there was a time limit on when we could pick up our paychecks.

I’ve never picked up my paycheck on time. I always just ask for my paycheck whenever I remember that it came in. Or my manager remembers and hands it to me.

So after discovering this bit of information, I made up some lame excuse about returning library books and left.

And when I came back 15 minutes later, I discovered that McDonald’s it the place to be on Mondays at 3:00. All this time, and I’d never realized that everybody who works there comes to socialize and pick up their paychecks.

But I sat in the corner until the manager found mine in the stack, then ran out the door as quickly as I could.

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More McDonald’s

I work at McDonald’s. Sometimes it’s extremely embarrassing.

And today I feel like I saw more people I knew in high school than normal.

If I’d been anywhere else, it would have been a great time to run into them. My acne’s decided to behave itself and go away this week, and I’ve lost a little bit of weight in the past month or two.

Unfortunately, the McDonald’s uniform does nothing to accentuate any good physical characteristics of mine.

But looking good aside, I’m always terrified they’ll think McDonald’s has become my career. There’s nothing wrong with McDonald’s for those who really do belong to that career path. It just isn’t considered very highly where I’m from.

I was also the “smart, geeky kid” when we were in high school. Like, voted biggest bookworm in my graduating class kind of geeky. Very geeky.

Whatever. Let them think what they will.

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Don’t check me out

Last night I was at work and I got checked out twice.

Once, this creepy, old, extremely overweight man came through the drive-through and gave me an obvious up-and-down with raised eyebrows. And I shuddered in disgust/embarrassment.

Why do creepy old men think it’s okay to do that? It’s not. You still don’t have a chance with me even if you look at me like I’m a piece of meat.

The second time was an awkward teenager.

As I walked across the parking lot, he was walking the other way. Apparently he did a full turn-around/up-and-down after we passed. I was completely unaware, but my friend working the window saw it and told me.

That scenario isn’t okay, either.

Don’t obviously check me out like that. I am not some object there for your viewing pleasure.

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