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Marx and Vader

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s day.

I don’t really care about this holiday.

I’ll wear green just to avoid getting pinched by those obnoxious assholes who think it’s okay to pinch people just because it’s March 17.

But not really my holiday.

I really hate corned beef and cabbage.

Despite not really caring about the holiday, I went out last night. Mostly because I’d heard a rumor there was free beer at a nearby bar.

That turned out to be false, but whatevs.

I went with my roommate and a friend.

About five minutes after getting there, roommate and I lost our friend. Didn’t find him for the rest of the night.

Saw lots of people I work with, which was uncomfortable. Saw Curly-haired Crush’s ex, which was more uncomfortable.

Danced. Briefly.

After the last song, roommate and I decided we wanted to go walk around town because we weren’t tired. We also only had mild buzzes going on, because the bar had been so busy it took about 20 minutes to get served. I probably could have been served sooner if I’d flashed some cleavage, but it wasn’t really worth it.

We ran into an acquaintance of mine. We aren’t very close, but we started talking and got invited back to his place to hang out.

I’m so glad we did, because later in the night some people there started discussing Star Wars through a Marxist point of view.

Best. Discussion. Ever.



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Independence, Fuck yeah!

Happy Birthday, America.

I, personally, am celebrating by wearing my Obama t-shirt (paired with a scarf and skinny jeans so it’s plenty stylish, of course), and then setting things on fire and making them go boom.

And I heard a rumor about homemade ice cream?

Fuck veganism and my newly-discovered lactose intolerance. I’m so eating as many bowls/cones/any form I can get my hands on.

I’m not usually a “Yay America!” type of person, but we’ve got a president I actually like and I get to make things explode. This is so worth celebrating.

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