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People are annoying.

Myself included.

So the other day I realized that somewhere in the course of moving three times in five months I had lost the textbooks I need for this semester.

So I tore my room apart trying to find them. After that yielded no results I decided to do something truly useful and cry myself to sleep.

After such a productive night I woke up, walked to the book store, spent 80 dollars on books I had at one time owned, quickly did the reading, and then went to class.

And that’s pretty much how all my first few days of class have been going.

Now I’m going to go find some coffee and some food. And consume it.


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Apparently there IS such a thing as partying too hard

I had a fantastic Friday night.

Followed by a miserable Saturday. Not hung over, just congested, high fever. Whatever.

Took Saturday night off from drinking like a responsible person.

I wasn’t too upset by this because the Tuesday of finals week is the big night of the semester. Everyone goes out because there are never any finals scheduled on Wednesday.

So I was saving up.

Unfortunately, by Tuesday I wasn’t really feeling any better.

But, like the true champion I am, I decided to go out anyway. I mean, it’s Reading Day Eve.

It was a pretty fantastic night.

There were parties happening on almost every street corner.

Two of my roommates and I split a bottle of whiskey (on top of the random beers and margaritas I had consumed along the way).

I smoked probably half a pack of cigarettes. Maybe more.

There was so much dancing.

And, like the week before, I woke up miserable.

Except this time it was serious. I wasn’t just feverish and congested, I was coughing up blood.

I’ve heard that’s generally something you don’t want your body to do.

Fortunately, I got to the doctor today, got on some antibiotics, and am going to be fine.

But I may have learned an important lesson here. Don’t party while you’re sick.

On the other hand, it was such a good night.

Yeah, I would make the stupid decision again.

I’d party again.


Fuck my health.


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Last night was a good night.

Up to a point.

There were two fantastic parties. Lots of dancing.

I talked to curly-haired crush (who happens to be in Spain for the next few months) while drunk.

I had a great time.

And then I threw up.

Fucking Mad Dog 20/20.

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I’ve let my life kind of spin out of control lately.

And in the process I’ve hurt people. But mostly myself.

It’s time to stop, refocus, and start again.

This time with a plan or purpose.

And stop going nowhere at 100 miles an hour.

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Know what’s really, truly uncomfortable?

When you’re in an argument on the phone and a person in the next room can hear the other end of the phone screaming at you.

That happened to me last night. Not good.

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Too late

I’ve procrastinated too much.

I’m at the critical point.

I’m going to throw up.

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Fucking Funk

I’m in such a funk today.

No particular reason to be, just overwhelmingly stressed about nonsense.

Such as how I’m going to pay off the $80 I owe the library for losing a book.

And other small problems.

Minimum wage is fucked up.

Emotions are fucked up.

I’m kind of fucked up today.

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