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Now That That’s Over

Once the last results came in and the last politician gave the last acceptance speech last night it felt like the entire country exhaled.  Regardless of political views, just knowing this election is over was a huge relief. 

True, some were upset, many were excited, but nobody really knows what to do now that there aren’t any political commercials on the television.  What, we’re expected to want to buy things again?  How am I supposed to know who to hate now?

And what’s Saturday Night Live going to do now?  They’ve been so much better these past few weeks.

Who am I going to make fun of now? 

Will people still be able to falsely call Obama a Muslim?  Will horny 14-year-olds continue to fantasize about Sarah Palin?

Like I said, huge exhale. 

Now I’m worried that when Obama can’t fix the world in a few months, people are going to become disenchanted and McCain supporters are going to say, “I told you so.”

But McCain couldn’t have fixed it, either.  There’s just no way to prove that, now.

But according to South Park, it was all part of a scam to steal the Hope diamond.  I respect that.


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Maker your vote count!

So, you may have noticed that there’s an election coming up in a few days.  Like this Tuesday.  I live in Missouri, and one thing that really pisses me off is those who don’t mind casting an absentee ballot.  I understand if there’s no other option, but for most of the people I hear this from, they just don’t want to wait in line.

And why does this bother me?  Because absentee ballots in Missouri aren’t counted unless candidates running are withing 100 votes of each other.  And there are those who say this is okay, their ballots will only count if it’s important.  But this really bothers me.  Let’s say, completely hypothetically, that all of the 1,200 people who voted absentee voted for Nixon for governor.  And the ballots counted on election day have Hulshof winning by 300 votes. 

I know something this close won’t actually happen, but what if those who vote absentee vote overwhelmingly one way.  A lot of college students vote absentee, and, at least at Truman, they tend to vote overwhelmingly liberal.  So they aren’t being counted.

And that really pisses me off.

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