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I’m Back (in school)

So I’m back into school now.

About time.

Talk about last minute.

It was the first day of classes and I was on the phone all day crying and pleading for them to figure out why I couldn’t register.

The secretary in our provost’s office is a goddess, by the way.

I’m seriously considering sending her flowers.

Except I won’t, because I’m cheap. But I have some very pretty thank you cards.

I’d been on the verge of a breakdown for the past few days, then at around 1:30 yesterday, Secretary/Goddess called me saying, “Oh, someone forgot to mark you as re-admitted. You’re good to go.”

One little check mark caused me all that pain.

But none of that matters now; I’m back in to school!

And now I’m going to go enjoy all the benefits of being in college, like free gym access, cheap healthcare, and the impressive DVD collection in the library.

(I’m only taking six credit hours, I’ll have plenty of time to enjoy these perks.)

So, yeah. I’m going to go do that now.

P.S. With unlimited access to campus computers (another perk!), I should be posting more now. A lot more. At least more than once every few months.


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School started yesterday.

All my books are at my parent’s house, three hours away. Fuck.

I also found out this morning that, while living next to the Armory means you don’t have any weird neighbors to worry about, it also means you’ll wake up at 6:00am some days to the sound of the ROTC doing warm-ups.


On another note, it’s a very dear friend’s birthday tomorrow! In celebration, we’re planning on beginning to drink at 4:00 in the afternoon today.

Because that’s what classy people do.

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