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I found a job!

It’s just as a waitress at a pizza place, but I really don’t need much to live on.

However, me potentially having money means I immediately started looking up the cost of flights to Spain (where Curly-haired Crush currently is).

I found some really cheap flights. Less than 500 dollars cheap.

However, I don’t know if I should give myself false hope.

While I really want to see her, I do still have to do things like pay rent and eat.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t need things like food and shelter. Then I could blow my money on awesome things. Like trips to Spain.



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Only One Vice

I’m trying to quit smoking (again/still).

At this point I’ve gone 36 hours without a cigarette, and I’m doing pretty well.

I was reading a play the other day, and one of the characters said a person should have only one vice. That particular character chose drinking. I haven’t decided what my one and only vice will be, but I’m almost certain I don’t want it to be cigarettes.

Maybe it will be alcohol.

Maybe it will be something demure like coffee.

I of course will not give up any one vice entirely (except maybe cigarettes), I’ll just only consume one with any regularity.

I’m tempted for the vice I choose to be food-related, but that seems like a very good way to gain a lot of weight.

We shall see.

I suppose I’ll figure out what I enjoy the most over the next few days.

And keep on not smoking those cigarettes.

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Missing Home

Today was my father’s birthday.

I couldn’t go home because I’m too broke to make the drive.

My parents are too poor to pay for my gas.

We are a broke, ridiculous family.

But I miss them.

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Back to School Shopping

Best Friend and I went shopping today.

We bought leather jackets. Yeah, we wear matching clothes.

We then decided to go to the nearest decent-sized city, over an hour’s drive away, to go shopping for real.

It was a generally pleasant experience.

At one point, we walked into a store as I was saying the words, “Who was moaning?”

The employee at the front of the star then interjected, “Hey guys, how are you?” with a smirk on his face.

We didn’t stay in the store very long.

Later on we went to the underwear store.

It’s awkward enough just being in an underwear store, but all the women working wouldn’t leave us alone.

It’s very good customer service and all, but I prefer to do my underwear shopping as privately as possible.

Eh, I got a free gift out of the deal.

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