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I’m Back (in school)

So I’m back into school now.

About time.

Talk about last minute.

It was the first day of classes and I was on the phone all day crying and pleading for them to figure out why I couldn’t register.

The secretary in our provost’s office is a goddess, by the way.

I’m seriously considering sending her flowers.

Except I won’t, because I’m cheap. But I have some very pretty thank you cards.

I’d been on the verge of a breakdown for the past few days, then at around 1:30 yesterday, Secretary/Goddess called me saying, “Oh, someone forgot to mark you as re-admitted. You’re good to go.”

One little check mark caused me all that pain.

But none of that matters now; I’m back in to school!

And now I’m going to go enjoy all the benefits of being in college, like free gym access, cheap healthcare, and the impressive DVD collection in the library.

(I’m only taking six credit hours, I’ll have plenty of time to enjoy these perks.)

So, yeah. I’m going to go do that now.

P.S. With unlimited access to campus computers (another perk!), I should be posting more now. A lot more. At least more than once every few months.


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I just did shots in the library bathroom.

The alcohol kind, not the gun kind.

From a flask.

All-time low, or all-time high? I’m not really sure.

At least I wasn’t drinking alone. There was someone in the stall next to me sharing.

I think the people who came in were on to us.


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Too late

I’ve procrastinated too much.

I’m at the critical point.

I’m going to throw up.

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Stress for Silly Reasons

I just had a minor freak-out in the school library.

I have a presentation on Tuesday about a certain reading.  In typical me-style, I waited until the Thursday before I give it to even locate the reading. Tonight I had a spurt of responsibility, and decided to get it over with.

Except when looking at the library’s online catalogue, I realized the book I need is checked out until October 15th. My presentation is the 6th.

Holy shit.  NOT OKAY.

So then, with no other way to freak out, I requested every copy of the book in the state.

(My school’s library has this nifty, and useful, little thing where you can have books from another university’s library sent to our library.  Then you just check it out like a regular library book.)

After requesting all nine copies from various schools throughout the state, I decided to google the reading.

And found a well-respected academic site, which my professor has mentioned in class, with the full reading on it.

No freak-out necessary.

No requests necessary.

Not even any books were actually necessary.


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This is what happens when you sleep too little and study too much

I just awkwardly ran into a friend, nearly dropped a book over the edge of the balcony (undoubtedly right onto someone’s head), and had a soda explode on me.

In the space of ten minutes.

While in the library.

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Cute Boy+Library=Uncomfortable Moment

Here’s another post about the library.  Written while sitting in the library.  This just shows how lame my life is.

Anyways, I’m writing a paper I should have started about three weeks ago.  I started it yesterday.  I have two days to get 15 to 25 pages out.  Procrastination is never the answer, kids.  Just remember that.

Anyways, I was getting some books from the shelves, when I accidentally made hard-core eye contact with a boy.  I am the only person I know who could do that accidentally.  And I didn’t even have enough sense to drop it.  I just kept staring and walking until I passed the aisle he was in. 

I found the books (really sexy ones like Myths about the Powerless, Resisting the Holocaust, and Japan’s Comfort Women) and started walking back to the desk I’ve claimed for the afternoon.  And of course he was still there.  And this time he made eye contact with me.  He’s cute, so if I were a slightly less awkward person, this would have been a good thing.  But I’m not.  So I uncomfortably looked down and pretended to be very interested in the cover of Resisting the Holocaust The cover of this copy is black.  No pictures.  It doesn’t even have words on it.

A little later I had to go to the next floor to get some more books.  And of course, on my way to the staircase, I saw him again. 

This time neither of us made eye contact. 

So that’s the uncomfortable situation of the day.  I’m still in the library.  I hope I don’t see him again.

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Maybe there is a god? Karma? Or I just really lucked out.

I seem to write about the library a lot.  Right now I’m there.  Supposed to be writing a paper. 

Today I almost cried tears of relief.  A few days ago, on my way to class, I realized I’d forgotten about the final stage of a research paper that was due that day.  The professor it was due to does not accept any form of late work.  In my panic I skipped class and went in sat in the library.  I didn’t do anything.  I just sat there in shock.  Today I went to class, unwilling to look her in the face.  I really like and respect this professor, which makes it even harder when I mess up in that class. 

She walked in in the usual way and said, “Pass up your papers if you’ve got them.”

If you’ve got them?

“Everyone else, just make sure they’re in my office before noon tomorrow.”

She’d given the class an extension.  I almost cried tears of relief.

So now, in an effort not to disappoint her (or myself), I have to make the paper really good in the next twelve hours.  Wish me luck.

And this library is a great place to hang out.  Seriously.  It’s where the cool kids are.

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