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I found a job!

It’s just as a waitress at a pizza place, but I really don’t need much to live on.

However, me potentially having money means I immediately started looking up the cost of flights to Spain (where Curly-haired Crush currently is).

I found some really cheap flights. Less than 500 dollars cheap.

However, I don’t know if I should give myself false hope.

While I really want to see her, I do still have to do things like pay rent and eat.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t need things like food and shelter. Then I could blow my money on awesome things. Like trips to Spain.



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Past Shenanigans

I usually like to write about things that have recently happened to me.

I like to keep it up-to-date.

But, as I have basically been snowed in for the past several days, with nobody else in the apartment, there haven’t really been opportunities for awkwardness.

I could write about watching three episodes of Star Wars in the past two days, most of the watching done without pants on, but that’s not so much awkward as…pathetic.

So, because I don’t have any recent material that’s any good, I’ll tell about one of the most awkward moments of my life.

This ridiculous night happened two years ago, while I was studying abroad in Ghana.

But even though it’s old, it’s totally worth sharing.

That night, I was hanging out with some friends at a club. There are three important things to remember about this night.

1) I was with one of my gay friends, and he was feeling very down about never getting a boyfriend. Also, being gay is illegal in Ghana. I was told if people were caught having homosexual sex, they’d be sent to jail.

2) I was still straight at the time. Pretty much completely straight.

3) I knew the owner of the club we were at, which meant I got to drink for free. And therefore was wasted.

At the club, there was a guy who was really into me. Really into me. Grinding on me and telling me how much he liked me.

Now, I wasn’t that into him, but Sad Gay Friend was interested, despite Horny Guy being straight.

So, in my drunken mindset, I decided that the thing to do, in order to make the night more enjoyable for everybody, was to let Horny Guy grind on me while Sad Gay Friend grinded (ground?) on him. Obviously the best option.

Well, that went on for a while.

Then we somehow moved to the women’s bathroom, and I was making out with Horny Guy while Sad Gay Friend continued to grind on him.

I was extremely extremely drunk at this point, so I didn’t really notice when Sad Gay Friend’s head crept around to the front of Horny Guy’s body.

And what might be happening didn’t register with me when Sad Gay Friend was on his knees between mine and Horny Guy’s bodies.

Until I felt his head there with my hand, and it came to me.

Sad Gay Friend was giving Horny Guy a blowjob.

While I made out with him.

But I still kept making out with Horny Guy.

It was his lucky night.

And that was my first unsuccessful threesome.

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Another Roadtrip?

Best Friend really likes the Beau. Enough that we made the 3 hour drive to see her again.

This one had a bit more planning. At least a day’s worth.

This time the Beau’s Best Friend and I tried to give Best Friend and the Beau some more space. You know, wink wink.

Except it’s kind of difficult when you don’t really know each other very well and are staying in the same house.

But it was still good times, you know?

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Spontaneous Road Trip

My best friend and I went on a spontaneous road trip the other day.

It was completely spontaneous. Best friend was talking to her beau, and was like, “We should go see her.”

So we left. At 10:00 at night. It was almost a 4 hour drive. But we did it.

The awkward part came when we got there. We saw the beau. And then realized when we got there that we didn’t have anywhere to stay.

The Beau took us in, but as she lived with her parents, had to sneak us in. But we did it, got in without any problems.

I then had to borrow sleeping pants from the woman I’d met about 30 minutes before.

The next morning we all woke up, and realized we had no change of clothes, toothbrushes, or any other necessities. Best friend found some extra clean shirts in her car, and we both made that change in the middle of the road, outside the Beau’s house.

But despite these inconveniences, we went on from the Beau’s hometown to another town another 4 hours away, so the Beau’s friend could see her love interest.

This, again, with no plans.

We spent the day in a new town in a different state, and mostly left Beau’s best friend with her love interest, while Best Friend, the Beau, and I wandered around the town.

When it was time for us to leave, Beau’s best friend was not anxious to leave at all. But we got her out of there before too long.

When we got back to Beau’s hometown, Best Friend and I found out that the town we had started in had some heavy storms, so it wasn’t really safe to drive, especially so late.

So we stayed and the Beau’s house again, only this time her parents knew, so we were spared that awkwardness. Beau’s best friend also joined us.

By this time Best Friend and I had not showered, brushed our teeth, or changed our underwear in two days.

I borrowed the same sleeping pants, and ended up in the same bed as Beau’s best friend. In was surprisingly not awkward, considering it had been less than 24 hours since we met. I think her nonchalant manner about sleeping in the same bed as a stranger is what did it.

We woke up at about 7:30 the next morning, and had to hurry back for Best Friend to make her noon class.

Nonsense like this is what college is all about, right?

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More Europe

The people I was traveling were definitely Americans. They were all very nice, but sometimes a little embarrassing to be seen with. Maybe I’m a snob for feeling this way, but I really did.

One family asked Lance, our guide, where the nearest McDonald’s was every time we stopped to eat.

While we were in Paris, one woman asked where the nearest Wal-Mart was.

One very outgoing woman screamed every time she saw a mildly inappropriate poster on the Metro in Paris.

One woman did a dance when she stepped in dog shit in Paris.

One man constantly made comments about people driving “on the wrong side of the rode” in London.

One woman yelled at a street vendor in Florence for being rude.

Every time Lance told us something about a country, one woman would compare it to something in the U.S.

One woman asked what the Louvre is while we were walking into it.

One woman had fingernails painted with American flags (but I’ll give her some leeway here and assume it’s because we left two days after Independence day).

It was still a great trip, and all of the people above, though sometimes mildly embarrassing to be seen with, are incredibly nice people. And these American-isms didn’t negatively impact my trip at all. They just showed me that next time I travel, I probably want to do it alone or only with close friends or family.

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The trip I just went on was a tour. With a group of mostly people I had never met before.

I’m not a fan of tours. I’m more the person who wants to stay in a city as long as I want and experience it at my pace. You know, just wander around for a day and find the little things about a city, not just the big tourist attractions.

But I can’t complain about this tour, I went for free. And the tour guide, Lance, was completely amazing.

Lance is a rather rotund British man who refers to everyone as his “darlings.”

Whenever we got ready to leave somewhere, he’d ask the group leaders, “Are all your darlings here?”

He also would randomly ask younger people in the group, “Are you being good?” Which was especially funny when he asked the high-school age boys in the group. They’d look uncomfortable and not know how to respond. So then he’d have fun.

“Do you know what we do with naughty boys?”

More staring at the ground and reddening of the face.

“They get spanked.”

They start looking for somewhere else to go stand.

“We give them a wallop.”

And then the boys would usually run away.

It was great to watch.

More posts on what happened over there to come soon.

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I’m leaving the country for ten days. London, Paris, Florence, Rome.

This is going to be intense.

But hopefully I’ll come back with some great stories, which I will then share here.

I’ll blog if I can, but don’t get your hopes too high. But I’ll have my journal with me, of course, so I can record everything, and then transcribe it onto this blog when I get back.

So, I’ll write to you all later.


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