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Lots of Reads…

Okay, not really. But my blog views passed 2000 last night. Turns out posting about nudity really is the way to get people to read your blog.

And I know 2000 isn’t that impressive. But when you’re as awkward as I am, and aren’t that good at making friends, it’s quite an accomplishment.

I’m so proud of myself.


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The why…

Everyone is starting a blog these days.

That’s not why I’m starting mine.  Okay, maybe a little bit.  I need to be cool, right?  This is coming from the girl who ran into a door yesterday.

I’ve tried blogs before, but never really kept them up.  My best had close to 20 posts, worst had 2. 

So why is this one different?

Because I’m finally being myself.  I’m going to speak for myself, tell my point of view, and not try to hide behind the guise of humor (although I am sometimes funny) or anger (I’m that sometimes, too). 

Here’s the rundown on my personal stats:  I’m 21, a student at a public liberal-arts school in the Midwest, a feminist, I have an ego bigger than I deserve, and I am prone to really awkward social situations.  If this doesn’t sound interesting, then don’t read.  If it does, devour your heart out. 

So here it is, enjoy.

I guess you could call it a window to my soul.

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