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I survived.

I survived parking moving my car in the snow yesterday.

I’m actually really embarrassed.

Because, after all that complaining about how far away I’d have to park, I realized there’s a public lot across the street from my apartment.

I only had to walk about 20 feet further than I would have normally.

SaraScottFail for not realizing where public parking is.

Especially when it’s visible from my bedroom window.


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Goddamn Snow

It snows here. A lot.

It snowed today. A lot.

I live downtown, and there’s not parking on any of the streets near my apartment during a “snow emergency”.

What the fuck? Where the hell am I supposed to leave my car?

The snow is at least to my ankles right now, I’m not walking back from some parking space in the middle of nowhere in that.


I have to go move my car now.

I’ll keep you updated if I survive.

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