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One of the search terms that someone found my blog with today was “how to be creepy”.

I am the champ.


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I’m crushing on a boy right now. Considering I’m about 85% lesbian, this is unexpected.

But so nice.

Also, I just logged onto Facebook, and I have two page suggestions: one for celery, and one for “Chest Bacon.” And a request to be a Sexy Santa Helper…sent to me from one of my mother’s friends.

That does not leave a good taste in my mouth.

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I’m on Twitter

I’ve been sort-of anti-twitter since it came out. It just seemed silly to me. But then I realized what a wonderful tool it really is.

Anyone who is concerned with my awkward state of affairs can find out about any awkward situations as soon as they happen. Or as soon as I can type out 140 characters.

This will help me share those minor awkward things in my life that aren’t really worth a whole post, but are totally worth sharing.

Anyway…my twitter account is https://twitter.com/sooooawkward, or sooooawkward, or however is the correct way to let people know what it is.

Kids and their new-fangled technology. I’m 22 years old and totally falling behind already.

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