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Vampire? You?

So I’ve been on a major vampire kick lately.

I blame watching my first episodes ever of Buffy the Vampire Slayer all within a few days.

For the record, I don’t actually believe in vampires. I don’t think.

But that hasn’t stopped me from carrying a wooden stake around with me after dark. Even into the bar.

Or threatening both strangers and friends with it.

Or asking almost everyone I know if they’re a vampire.

Or closely monitoring the eating habits of my semi-nocturnal roommate.

People probably think I’m very strange.

It’s just you can never be too prepared.

Constant vigilance.


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Halloween: A big, giant letdown

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I love it because it’s blatantly materialistic, there’s no bullshit religion involved (at least not any major, controlling, obnoxious religions…coughChristianitycough…).  It’s blatantly materialistic.  And you can wear whatever you want with almost no judgement.

And I was especially excited about Halloween this year because I missed it last year because I was abroad. 

Unfortunately, this year was a big, fat, ginormous, humongous letdown.  A friend and I went out to the Dukum, a local bar.  It was okay, and there were a few pretty decent costumes, but nothing exciting going on.  We then went to a 70s dance club.  Huge mistake.  It was full of scary older townies.  I have nothing against townies, but all the creepy ones seem to have flocked there last night.  We didn’t even stay for the end of the song.  We then went to the club next door (fortunately none of these have cover charges).  Almost empty, we left. 

As a last-ditch resort we went out to a frat party.  Even lamer.  It was all young’uns who couldn’t legally be at the bars.  And those who haven’t reached drinking age are typically very annoying when they do drink.  I can’t judge, I was just as bad, but it really makes you realize how annoying you must have been.

After staying there a few minutes, we went home before midnight.  Lame.

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A Harjawatsi?

Halloween is in less than a week and I don’t know what I’m going to be.  What a dilemma. 

My original plan was to be a Harajuku girl.  Not the kind that travels with Gwen Stefani, but the real kind.  Unfortunately, I forgot what an uncultured area I live in. 

What are you going as for Halloween?

A Harajuku Girl.

A Harjawatsi?

A Harajuku girl.

What’s that?

They’re from Japan.  They dress in crazy styles?  Four tour with Gwen Stefani.

You’re not Japanese.

I know…

This is where I live.  This is what I deal with on a daily basis.  And now I am costumeless.  Maybe I’ll be a Harajuku girl anyway and just leave people confused.

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