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Only One Vice

I’m trying to quit smoking (again/still).

At this point I’ve gone 36 hours without a cigarette, and I’m doing pretty well.

I was reading a play the other day, and one of the characters said a person should have only one vice. That particular character chose drinking. I haven’t decided what my one and only vice will be, but I’m almost certain I don’t want it to be cigarettes.

Maybe it will be alcohol.

Maybe it will be something demure like coffee.

I of course will not give up any one vice entirely (except maybe cigarettes), I’ll just only consume one with any regularity.

I’m tempted for the vice I choose to be food-related, but that seems like a very good way to gain a lot of weight.

We shall see.

I suppose I’ll figure out what I enjoy the most over the next few days.

And keep on not smoking those cigarettes.


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I’m trying to quit smoking at the moment.

It’s very unpleasant.

Last night broke down and smoked one.

Just one.

First one in two days.

Because I didn’t have any cigarettes, I had to walk my drunken self several blocks to the nearest convenience store and pay for the pack in spare change I found lying around.

All this trouble for one cigarette.

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