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Yesterday, I was in a book store with Best Friend.

We were of course browsing the sex book section.

And I saw one very interesting-looking book.

Unfortunately, when I pulled it off the shelf, several more books came with it.

They fell to the floor.

Them some more did.

And more.

And soon the whole shelf was on the floor.

Best Friend and I just stood there with slightly open mouths while this happened.

And then shoved all the books back on the shelf in no particular order and quickly slunk out of the store.



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Awful Disease…or I’m Just Clumsy

I woke up with a black stain on my lips.

It’s probably from the pen I use to journal with, which has been known to leak before.


But I just wanted to post about it, in case it’s actually a terrible skin disease and I’m going to drop dead soon.

So if I stop blogging, it was a terrible skin disease.

If I start blogging more often, it was an ink stain, and I’m blogging because I can’t get it off my skin and am too embarrassed to leave the house.

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