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Cocktail Party

On Saturday night, Best Friend held a cocktail party.

It was pretty fabulous.

Even if I did get a little drunk.  Okay, a lot drunk.

At one point, the lady I’m crushing on and I ended up in the bathroom at the same time.  Best Friend nearly broke down the door trying to get in because ze was afraid we were having sex (we weren’t).

At one point, ze even shouted “Are you guys having pee sex!?” (We’d recently watched this episode of The L Word.)

Later on, my ex showed up.  Best Friend then encouraged my crush and I to make out in front of her.  Which we did.  I’m not typically one for making out in public, but I had about half of a fifth of vodka in me at this point, so there was making out.  Oh, was there making out.

And then Mother-Figure Friend yelled at us.  And thoughtfully took our drinks out of our hands so we didn’t spill.

It was fantastic.

And so fabulous.

But soooooo awkward.

(Also, for those who don’t know, ze is a gender-neutral pronoun.  Best Friend is genderqueer.  And totally amazing.)


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Epic blog fail.

I obviously need to get my priorities straight.

This blog should trump sleep, class, and eating.

I’ll work on that.

In other news, it’s really awkward to mention to acquaintances that the reason you no longer hang out with the person they believe to be your best friend is because you were actually dating and no longer are.

Love those conversations.

Especially when they happen on one hour of sleep and three cups of coffee.

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Leave My Readily Available Information Alone!

I found out yesterday my ex fucking reads my blog.

I believe that after a breakup as nasty as ours was, you should just pretend the other person doesn’t exist.

She obviously doesn’t understand this.

What a whore.

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